​To meet the increasing demand for Experiential Tourism, Polwaththa Eco Lodges decided to open out the Eco Tourism concept to the local villagers. It soon became a win-win situation; the local villagers earning the much-needed extra cash (and gaining exposure) and visitors experiencing a simple way of life (and learning from it). The offer to open their doors to tourists were made to all villagers - an acceptable level of hygiene, being the only criterion. The number of Home Stays now stands at 9 and counting. However, we are careful in not making too much of an impact on this conservative society and will place restrictions on the number of Home Stays within a village if we sense “over tourism” here.


Promotion, communication, Reservations, co-ordination, trouble-shooting etc. are presently done by Polwaththa Eco Lodges with their vast experience which will gradually be passed on to the individual homes when they reach the required level of proficiency to handle the entire operation on their own.


However, the most important function in this case – hosting, is left entirely in the hands of each host-family with the freedom to do it their way.

27 Yapa Niwasa Gomagoda 
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